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News: The 5-years-of eplit anniversary exhibition –
“kunstsuite 06 / art suite 06”
May 11th – July 9th, 2006
"kunstsuite 06 / art suite 06" – Anniversary exhibition 5-years-of-eplit
eplit GmbH and wagnerkunstmanagement would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition at 7pm on May 11th, 2006. We will be showing works by Patricia Karg* "bilder + glas + skulpturen / pictures + glass + sculptures". The focal question of the art discussion with Patricia Karg and Ralf Hörtensteiner will be “Are entrepreneurs the better artists?”. Moderation by Prof. Dr. Andreas Kühne, starts 7.30pm. The vernissage will take place in the Bussardstr. 9 (1st floor), 85630 Grasbrunn. The exhibition is on until June 9th, 2006.

April 2006
Personalwirtschaft Issue (04/06) “Bewerber wissen was gut ist / Applicants know what is good”
Specialist paper on the topic of customer surveys in the framework of internal and external recruiting at SAP. Subject is the implementation of the recruiting@monitor in the division Global HR at the SAP AG in Walldorf.
December 2005
eplit launches the “Enterprise Survey Plattform”
With the integration of the modules qp@data and qp@interpreter into the base software query@portal, we now offer our customers a universal survey platform that realises event-controlled and workflow-integrated surveys and which restores the data into already existing IT systems.

With the eplit Enterprise Survey Platform we help our customers to use data collected through individual surveys numerous times and to integrate it into existing applications. We make survey-overlapping views with regard to the results (functional, organisational, process-related) possible and thereby allow for a concerted coordination of the individual projects.
May 2005
“kunstsuite 05 / art suite 05”
with Klaus von Gaffron, "fotobilder / photo pictures" + Stephan Fritsch, pictures + Helmut Hinterseer, sculptures wagnerkunstmanagement and eplit would like to invite you to the Bussardstr. 9, 85630 Grasbrunn. The exhibition is on until December 12th, 2005. Opening hours: Tues./ Wed., 3 -5pm and by prior arrangement over the telephone
April 2005

eplit launches the product family “online@monitor”
The experience that we have gathered over many years from successful customer projects when it came to the practical application of query@portal, we have now integrated into a comprehensive solution concept. The eplit online@monitors is an integrated, practically-oriented concept that is made up of a series of coordinated, content-related surveys as well as the workflow integrated technical realisation. Once they are set up and integrated into the operational process, the online@monitors supply up-to-date data and reports on a continuous basis. The running operational costs are quite minimal. The management receives a continuous and qualified overview of the results from the processes, the improvement potential as well as the effectiveness of the measures.

So far we have provided our online@monitors for the following professional fields:

Recruiting, employee surveys, supplier surveys, project monitoring, customer monitoring.

July 21st, 2004
Siemens Financial Services opts for eplit
Long-term monitoring processes for assessing and analysing customer satisfaction as well as supplier evaluations are the focus of the projects that eplit – together with SFS – successfully implemented. That data is collected online and showed to a hand-picked circle of executives as online reports in accordance with a scoring key.
November 12th, 2003
eplit signs a cooperation contract with TÜV Saarland e.V.
eplit is now an official cooperation partner of the TÜV Saarland e.V. in the areas customer satisfaction surveys and certification. Based on a professional analysis of customer satisfaction (using an online survey), the TÜV Saarland offers a seal for the services it provides which, in turn, leads to credibility and trust due to this certification process.

October 30th, 2003
eplit signs a project contract with SAP AG
eplit is now the project partner of the SAP AG for the monitoring and benchmarking of the worldwide recruiting process. Based on eplit’s online survey portal Query Portal, all of the global recruiting processes are recorded and provided to hand-picked executives via online reporting.

February 20th, 2003
Solution for efficient survey in the Internet
With Query Portal, eplit now offers new solutions for efficient and cost-saving surveys in the Internet. The costs for data compilation and evaluation can thereby be lowered by 50%.