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No one business situation is comparable to another one,…
… that is why we differentiate according to data collection methods and survey approaches.

Depending on the targets set, the survey approaches can vary greatly as only different survey approaches can lead to the relevant information upon which action can be taken that is necessary for each and every target group

Apart from the content-related differentiation of the survey approaches, we distinguish between the type of survey as well as the point in time when it is carried out.

Event-controlled surveys are playing a more and more important role. Here, for example, one is asked about the quality and satisfaction felt after having ‘consumed’ a service right there and then. They supply the service provider with a feedback as to improvement measures that need to be taken; this feedback takes place in a continuous and well-structured manner. Typical examples are the polling of new employees shortly after they have joined the company or the assessment of a transaction within the HR system.

If numerous event-controlled surveys are being implemented, then we, through our online@monitors, can provide the possibility of coordinating and comparing the individual survey contents and results. Through this one can get a big picture from the separate projects as to strategy and potential. A user report on the implementation of the online@monitors at the SAP AG can be found here.

Non-event-controlled surveys (such as the annual staff surveys) are implemented by eplit both as pure online surveys as well as hybrid surveys. Further information on our services can be found here.

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