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Supplier Management: Supplier Evaluation & 360° Supplier Surveys
Recognising, using and optimising added value potential within supplier relations, …
… that is why we regularly and methodically measure the status of your supplier relations.

Supplier evaluation is an important instrument in order for your company to be more successful. It can show the results and their causes from the operative actions taken as well as the compatibility of your strategic targets with those of your suppliers. These are indispensable for the operative, everyday business of many successful enterprises and are the topic of regular supplier meetings a lot of the time.

We have summarised the individual contents of a comprehensive supplier evaluation (performance figures, supplier surveys, 360° supplier surveys) into an overall concept for you. Apart from gaining a comprehensive picture of the individual criteria, it is important to allow a direct and unfiltered feedback of all those participating in the process (purchasing/specialist departments/supplier). That is why we survey the process participants in a structured and direct manner and thereby receive answers to the current status of the supplier relations and the added value potential.

We thereby deliver a one-stop coordinated, content-related survey and reporting concept as well as the technical realisation. We give the answers to the central questions in the supplier relations:
How well does the supplier fulfil our requirements regarding his company (actual / target)?(e.g. quality, logistics, innovation, flexibility, price)
How satisfied are we with the supplier? (specialist departments, purchasing etc.)
Do the products and services of the supplier suit (also in the future) our processes and targets?
How does the customer view our business relationship? (cooperation, processes, commitment, innovation)
Where can the optimisation and added value potential be found?

A comprehensive concept made up of content-coordinated, event-controlled surveys and reporting processes that are linked to the technical solution have been integrated within the supplier@monitor, which, amongst others, is being used by the SIEMENS AG.

Illustration: Overall view of the supplier relations: (Enlarge illustration)

Benefit for the purchasing department, the specialist departments and management

Supplier monitoring based on performance figures, satisfaction in the sense of an actual / target comparison and benchmarking
Compiling the factual data and comparing it with the subjective assessments of the participants
Recording the added value potential through the comparison of the supplier view vs. the customer view
Basis for optimising different measures regarding …
Process quality
Supplier controlling
Supplier analysis
Supplier binding
Quick and clear reporting for the specialist departments, the purchasing department and management
We can support you when it comes to all technical and conceptual questions, that is why our services portfolio encompasses the following services:

Implementation of the survey for reference groups (including sampling) or as a comprehensive survey.
Development of the items including the pre-tests.
Anonymous online or hybrid surveys, whilst keeping to strict data security and privacy laws.
Drawing up the questionnaires in your corporate design layout.
Providing the results as an online evaluation and reports that can be downloaded. (e.g. departmental reports, management summary in the formats MS Excel, PDF or MS Power Point)
Distribution of the results in compliance with an authorisation concept (roles/views) over the Internet / the Intranet.

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