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IT Consulting/Automotive

You take care of the results, we’ll do the rest.

We can provide you with technical services, all the way from implementing workflow-integrated and automatic survey systems to the realisation of comprehensive reporting concepts.

Experience has shown that many of our clients focus on the delivery of results and statements and do not want to be involved in the realisation as a whole. That is why we offer all of the technical services within the full service model.

The client’s advantage is the on-time realisation of the project at fixed, plannable prices.

In addition to the technical services, we have compiled a portfolio for the methodical and conceptual support of our clients which can be both customised as well as tailor-made to suit their needs. The spectrum goes from drafting action plan recommendations to the analysis of the separate data and goes all the way to working out recommendations of how to proceed and what action to take to the operative support by delivering comprehensible results.

You choose the fitting level and type of service that you require and thereby profit from the know-how that eplit has gathered over many years.

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