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Consulting: Concept of the Survey

… our practical experience and objectivity are for your benefit and to your advantage!

No business situation is directly comparable to another one. That is why – for every survey – the survey concept (the contents, the evaluation and the analysis) is agreed upon with our clients as to their individual needs and targets. An across-the-board, blanket survey with quite general results cannot provide this service.

eplit mainly offers services that are both up- and downstream, focussing on the successful implementation of the customer-specific requirements. We deliver clear, well-explained, practical as well as usable information.

The definition of the contents of the surveys whilst taking into account the different perspectives of those involved in the process.
Definition of the content-related framework in accordance with criteria already measured (Phase 1).
Checking each requirement with the contents, together with all those involved in the process at the various locations.
Checking which solutions are already being implemented and how these can contribute to the project (Phase 2).
Definition of the items in accordance with the contents defined in phases 1 and 2.
Undertaking pre-tests and adjustment of the contents where this is necessary.
Support when it comes to coordinating all this with the works staff council.

You are looking for answers and information – we’ll take care of it.The results could be the basis for your success in the marketplace!

  Your advantages:

You will receive a customised catalogue of questions that is tailor-made to your individual needs and, with this, you will get an evaluation of the answers given.
Our comprehensive and wide-ranging experience when it comes to developing and implementing surveys is at your disposal whenever you need it.
You can make use of our extensive and manifold competencies as well as the IT infrastructure of the online system.
Data security is ensured; you don’t have to worry about this or invest any time or effort here.
You put together the services you need. You only have to pay for those services that you actually avail of.
We don’t offer surveys that are ready-made. Those being questioned will have that feeling that we “value” them and what they have to say.

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