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Human Resources: employee@monitor
Regularly feeling the pulse of your staff with the help of the employee@monitor, …
… as the motivation and expectations of your employees is responsible for your business success.

The employee@monitor is an extension of the recruiting@monitor, adding the operations internal change and leaving the company. In total, therefore, a comprehensive picture is given as to process quality and motivation/expectations of the staff along the whole of the employee life cycles.

That is why we question those participating in the process in a structured manner and directly by means of the candidate / employee life cycles and thereby get answers to the central questions posed on a first hand basis.

Illustration: Survey concept along the candidate / employee life cycles: (Enlarge illustration)

We thereby deliver a one-stop coordinated, content-related survey and reporting concept as well as the technical realisation. The employee@monitor gives the answers to the central questions in the HR processes:

Did the applicants feel that they were well-treated by us?
How well do we fulfil the expectations of the employees?
Why do employees leave us and what career paths do they prefer taking?
How good is the quality of our processes?
Benefits for the centralised and decentralised HR units

Full transparency with regard to process quality and motivation of the participants in all phases of the candidates / employee life cycles.
Signals to the participants (candidates, staff, line managers) that their perceptions are being taken seriously (for example, knowing from experience, the response rates of the candidates are around 80%).
Very good basis for the optimisation of different politically-motivated personnel measures in relation to
Operative external and internal recruiting processes
Employer branding/the employer image
Personnel marketing/recruiting channels
Introduction of new employees
Binding employees to the company
Promotion and management of the internal competition between the decentralised recruiting units with a view to the quality and the effectiveness of politically-motivated personnel concepts and measures

Usually we implement the employee@monitor together with the specialist department whereby, after the content adjustment of the survey catalogue and the reporting concept, an integrated workflow solution is implemented that permanently collects data and reports as a type of “perpetuum mobile”.

The cooperation with your internal IT department is limited to the provision of an interface for the transfer of parameters and therefore is kept at a minimum.

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