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IT Consulting/Automotive
Services: Project Consulting

With the right questions to well-founded statements and results.

Key aspects in project consulting are the technical and content-related method consulting process, as well as the conception and analysis of the results.

Our experience has flown into tailor-made survey concepts which we offer our clients as an integrated service.

We will take care of you across the board. All of the necessary skills (technical, methodical, consultative) are from the one source. The result is a clear focus onto the project as a whole and the business reality. The results fulfil the highest of expectations.

We are currently involved in the following survey projects, both with our expertise and the technical implementation, encompassing a wide variety of industry sectors:
Sectors:   Contents:
Financial   Staff surveys
Automotive   Internal / external customer surveys
Insurance   Supplier surveys/ evaluations
Human Resources   Various studies (sectors, professional topics)
Consulting   Recruiting processes
Industry   Benchmarking
Public   Feed-back systems (e.g. user/operator surveys)

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