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IT Consulting/Automotive
Services: Hybrid Survey

Our service offers cover all types of data acquisition. Independent of the method to be used, our team competently advises and supports you when it comes to the implementation of your project:

The advantages are plain to see: quick, representative results with minimum effort, use and commitment of resources and costs.

Our services:
Operative implementation of the online survey (Internet / Intranet)

Paper & Pencil
Lettershop (printing, stapling, inserting, enveloping, delivering to the post office, unpacking the envelopes)
Electronic registration of the filled out questionnaires

Combination surveys (online and paper & pencil)
For all target groups that can’t be reached as a whole online (e.g. production)
Summary of the offline and online collected data and a joint evaluation in a database

Telephone interviews
Compiling a telephone interview guideline
Selecting address lists
CATI supported implementation of the interviews by our call agents

Representative online surveys by offline reference groups
A large online group is contrasted with a small offline reference group. Effects such as participation distortions, Internet distortions and modus effects can be adjusted with the help of methodical processes (READ).

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