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IT Consulting/Automotive
Services: Data Analysis

We deliver clear, practically-oriented as well as usable information.

Management summary:
The summary of all of the requested analyses in a compact as well as easily comprehensible format.

Frequency evaluation in spreadsheet form:
The classic basic report including all of the standard statistical parameters (distribution parameters, distributions, mean values, etc.)

Graphic chart reports:
The visually easily comprehensible variant of the evaluation; suitable for presentations, documents, publications.

Correlation analyses:
The indispensable tool for recognising and following up on correlations. Using Pearson and Spearman correlations we ascertain correlations within metric and ordinal base data sets.

Regression analyses:
For relationship analyses within complex base data sets.
Cluster analyses:
It subdivides the given populations into subgroups that are for themselves homogeneous.

Weighted analyses:
Using weighted evaluations we simulate for larger populations the reality on a small scale in order to lower the survey expenditures and complexity.

We weight:

based on the supplied marginal adaptations
based on external structural data
Fairness when it comes to the publication of the results – in the reports we deal with the various information requests by both the management and staff.

Our base data:
Data handling – We process all standard data formats:

simple ASCII data
various spreadsheet programs
databases, database dump
system file formats of the different statistics programs (amongst others: SPSS)
linking a variety of data (such as the consolidation of random sample data and survey data)

Our data output:
We will undertake to do the following for you:

Setting up the code plan
Codification of the data
Supplying the completed data basis in the form requested

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