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Human Resources: 360° Surveys
360° survey on management development, …
… because in the mirror one sees oneself best.

The 360° feedback is a questionnaire-supported assessment procedure in order to identify development potential and training requirements when it comes to executive management and leaders. Based on a rating procedure, the “feedback participants” are assessed by supervisors, colleagues, staff and, if necessary, external participants using a variety of work-relevant behaviour and competence dimensions.

Advantage of the 360 degree feedback

When it comes to their duties, the supervisors take on different roles. Their work is judged differently, depending on who does the assessment: other departmental heads, the senior supervisor, the staff in one’s own department or even the clients themselves. It has been shown time and time again that the assessments between self and external perception by the different reference groups varies strongly.

The classic performance rating undertaken solely by the supervisor therefore bears larger gaps. That is why the complete view upon the performance is becoming more and more established – the 360 degree feedback is the common method used here. If the assessments of the work-relevant behaviour and competence dimensions of a leader or executive manager by the various reference groups vary, then one can see it as given that there is a further training and developmental need here.
360° feedback with query@portal

The 360° feedback process can not only be fully mapped and realised fully automatically using query@portal, but also – with the help of the “Enterprise Survey Platform” – the results can be analysed and related to results and performance figures of other survey projects (e.g. customer satisfaction surveys). Thereby the information at hand flows into the view as a whole. A tangible result of the overall view can, for example, be the level of bonus payments to executive management.

With our data model qp@data the results can not only be related to one single individual or organisational unit, but also changes within the organisational structure can be easily undertaken (also in hindsight).

We can support you when it comes to all technical and conceptual questions, that is why our services portfolio encompasses the following services:

We can support you when it comes to all technical and conceptual questions, that is why our services portfolio encompasses the following services:

Implementation of the survey for reference groups (including sampling) or as a comprehensive survey.
Development of the items including the pre-tests.
Anonymous online or hybrid surveys, whilst keeping to strict data security and privacy laws.
Drawing up the questionnaires in your corporate design layout.
Providing the results as an online evaluation and reports that can be downloaded. (e.g. departmental reports, management summary in the formats MS Excel, PDF or MS Power Point)
Distribution of the results in compliance with an authorisation concept (roles/views) over the Internet / the Intranet.

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