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Beyond cost-per-hire and time-to-fill, as …
… the applicant is not just made up of performance figures; first and foremost he/she is your customer.

For companies, choosing the right applicant is both time consuming and cost intensive. Even more irritating is if the potential candidates retract their application or leave the company during their probationary period. A continuous survey of all of those involved in the recruiting process helps to improve the personnel marketing and sheds light on the attractiveness and competitiveness of the company.

Up to now companies were mostly dealing with the efficient handling of applications; we, on the other hand, want to place the applicant into the spotlight and see that person, first and foremost, as the customer. That is why we interview all of those involved in the process in a structured and direct manner based on the events that took place along the candidate / employee life cycles.

Illustration: Survey concept along the candidate / employee life cycles: (Enlarge illustration)

We thereby deliver one-stop answers to the central questions within the recruiting process:

Why do candidates send applications to our company?
Did the applicants feel that they were well-treated by us?
How well do we fulfil the expectations of the new employees?
Why do employees leave us and what career paths do they prefer taking?
How good is the quality of our processes?
Added value for the recruiting department
The benefits of a customer survey within the framework of internal and external recruiting are plain to see.
A good basis for the evaluation of existing recruiting processes and practices.
Identifying improvement potential with regard to the current recruiting processes, the operative
Personnel marketing and the competition-oriented positioning of the company as an employer within the labour market.
Survey results can be part of service level agreements between the recruiting department and the specialist departments.
Using the results within the framework of a target agreement with those responsible for recruitment.
Once it has been implemented no further work is necessary. In this sense this approach can by understood to be a type of perpetuum mobile that, after the first start-up, generates valuable data on a continuous basis.

A comprehensive concept made up of content-coordinated, event-controlled surveys and reporting processes that are linked to the technical solution have been integrated within the recruiting@monitor.Further information can be found here.

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