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Human Resources: Employee Surveys
Developing one’s strengths through employee surveys, …
… as motivated staff who have understood what their targets are perform a lot better.

Employee surveys are an important instrument when it comes to your company being even more successful. You can pinpoint the results and identify their causes from the operative handling process. They have become indispensable for the operative, practical side of many successful companies.

If you want to optimally utilise your employees and resources, then two significant questions have to be focused on:

1. Do all of the employees have the same understanding of the company targets and their implementation (company strategy)? Do we want to and can we achieve these?
2. Do we (the company) know how successful and how professional the operative implementation is? Are the risks known?
From these questions the various survey approaches can be derived which we then realise for our customers.

Employee-oriented surveys                                 Strategy-oriented employee surveys
Focus on the operative implementation
Focus on the company with its
The “daily business”, the processes, the environment
strategies, aims and values
Solutions - Proposals - Targets
Feedback for the direction
No business situation is directly comparable to another one. That is why – for every survey – the survey concept (the contents, the evaluation and the analysis) is agreed upon with our clients as to their individual needs and targets. An across-the-board, blanket survey with quite general results cannot provide this service.

Different survey approaches lead to action-relevant information for every single target group; that is why the following basic principles are valid for us:

The results of the employee survey must be relevant for the target group.
The relevance of the results depends upon the task of each target group.
The focus on one target group is usually at the expense of another target group.
The employee surveys often mix up the various approaches and the therewith connected targets as well as interests. The efficiency and effectiveness of a survey are thereby weakened.
We can support you when it comes to all technical and conceptual questions, that is why our services portfolio encompasses the following services:

Implementation of the survey for reference groups (including sampling) or as a comprehensive survey.
Development of the items including the pre-tests.
Anonymous online or hybrid surveys, whilst keeping to strict data security and privacy laws.
Drawing up the questionnaires in your corporate design layout.
Providing the results as an online evaluation and reports that can be downloaded. (e.g. departmental reports, management summary in the formats MS Excel, PDF or MS Power Point)
Distribution of the results in compliance with an authorisation concept (roles/views) over the Internet / the Intranet.

A comprehensive concept made up of content-coordinated, event-controlled surveys and reporting processes that are linked to the technical solution have been integrated within the employee@monitor. Further information can be found here.

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