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Data security and data privacy, when it comes to loss or misuse, is taken very seriously by us. Survey data that is collected by our server is secured in compliance with up-to-date technology by a firewall, data protection, encryption and uninterruptible power supply.

In addition, the eplit GmbH ensures that the data is handled in accordance with the newest regulations and standards through its very own state-certified data security engineers.

Data security in anonymous surveys (e.g. employee surveys)

Anonymity of the participants
The individual passwords and user IDs for every single participant only serve as an access control (eliminating multiple participation) and are not stored in relationship with the answers. A correlation between the identity of the participants and the answers is impossible.
Data storage
For every survey project a secured database is installed and is deleted after the completion of the survey.

The sending of the invitation mails with the passwords and user IDs to the participants takes place in a module of the Query-Portal Software which is strictly separated from the database. After the completion of the project the data is deleted.

Direct access by the contractor into the database of the Query-Portal is not possible and is contractually forbidden.

Data deletion

The eplit GmbH expressly ensures that all provided and recorded data connected to the survey project will be deleted after the completion of said survey.


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