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Software/Products/Data Security: System Integration

We implement successful, complex survey systems for you that are integrated into your workflow. We develop the special templates together with you and supply you with the results without having to resort to laborious coordination steps with your internal IT department. The integration into your workflow takes place based on easily definable interfaces; here no software installation whatsoever is necessary on the customer’s side. This saves costs and guarantees a quick and uncomplicated implementation of the project.

With our modules qp@data and qp@interpreter complex data models can easily be mapped and performance figures from other IT systems can be imported. This allows for automatic encoding of the feedback and the corresponding generation of the report (performance figures / feedback). Our generic data model allows both the typical organisational view of the results as well as the functional and project-related views.

A diagram on the system integration can be found here. (Enlarge illustration).

Areas of application are long-term studies on customer/employee satisfaction, supplier evaluation or quality monitoring. A large number of our clients fall back on our Full Service Model where the setting up and maintenance is undertaken by eplit.

Our services:

Automatic / permanent data collection based on defined events and parameters without any extra costs
Reading in of person-related data such as departmental affiliation, position as well as functional and process-related parameters.
Automatic access management to the online reports
Comprehensive online reporting with various reports (views) for the different user groups (roles)
Generation of indices and portfolio analyses (e.g. benchmarking)
Comparative evaluations (e.g. Department A vs. B) according to arbitrary time periods
Progression evaluations (e.g. development over a period of time)
Presentation and evaluation in several languages.

Usually we implement the online@monitor together with the specialist department whereby, after the content adjustment of the survey catalogue and the reporting concept, an integrated workflow solution is implemented that permanently collects data and reports as a type of “perpetuum mobile”.

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