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Goal-oriented, additional corporate success with the eplit online@monitors

The experience of many years that stems from successful customer projects in the practical implementation of query@portal was combined into an integrated solution concept. Thereby we deliver a one-stop coordinated, content-related survey and reporting concept for each industry sector as well as the technical realisation.

We can offer you the online@monitor with the following professional specifications:

Human Resources (employee life cycle)
Supplier evaluation
Customer survey
Project controlling
The online@monitors include the following special features:

Complete workflow integration
Operation using a standard web browser (no interference with the company IT)
One-time instalment, low running operational costs
Task-oriented, individual concepts for the survey catalogues and their evaluation
Extensive management analyses
Comparability with different projects
Editing and presenting the results
Help when it comes to implementing the results

Illustration: Workflow and integration of the online@Monitors. (Enlarge illustration)

Benefit for the specialist departments and the management

Once set up and integrated into the operational process, the online@monitors supply up-to-date data and reports on a continuous basis. The running operational costs are minimal. The management receives a continuous and qualified overview of the results emanating out of the processes.

Measures taken and changes made can be tested as to their effectiveness in real-time and can be adjusted without time delay. Deviations and aberrations are recognised early on. Damage and unnecessary costs are thereby kept away from the company.

The online@monitor have the following common features and configurable services:

+ Integrated process
Tailor-made for the individual projects
Constant data collection and reporting at minimal operating costs
Online-based Internet-Intranet solutions
No changes made to the company IT!!
Easy and unproblematic integration into already existing processes.
A workplace with Internet-Intranet access is enough.
+ Service packs (full service)
Supplying and adjusting the concept (integrated, project-specific)
Drawing up the project-specific survey catalogue + evaluation method
Technical realisation
+ Operative consulting
Operative implementation
Use our technology and competencies for your success. Those that are better and faster win the competition.

eplit online@monitore guarantee:

Anonymous answers!
Absolute data security!
You get:
Honest and real answers!
Usable information!

Usually we implement the project@monitor together with the specialist department whereby, after the content adjustment of the survey catalogue and the reporting concept, an integrated workflow solution is implemented that permanently collects data and reports as a type of “perpetuum mobile”.


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